2006, Volume 11. Supplement

Ignjatović-Ćupina, A.: Preface

Car, M.: The history of European Simuliidae symposia

Crosskey, R.W.: The British Simuliid group (BSG) - an historical sketch

Yankovsky, A. & A.V., Yankovsky: Confirmation of validity of the genus names Boreosimulium Rubzov & Yankovsky, 1982 and Taeniopterna Enderlein, 1925, and species “content” of these genera

Car, M. & W. Lechthaler: Ecomorphological observations by comparison of images from digital reference collections of Simuliidae

Ilmonen, J.: Assessing the Conservation Status of Blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) In Finland: Background and Methods

Krueger, A.: Zoophily and animal filariae in Simulium damnosum s. l.: on the indicative property of tarsal claws in females

Rodríguez-Pérez, M. A., L. Lugo-Rodríguez, C. Lizarazo-Ortega, & T. R. Unnasch: Entomological and Serological Assessment of Onchocerca volvulus Transmission in the Northern Chiapas Focus (Mexico)

Grabovac, S., A. Ignjatović-Ćupina, M. Zgomba & D. Petrić: Defining the Threshold of Public Tolerance to Blackflies in the Region of Novi Sad

Kazancý, N.: Ordination of Simuliidae and Climate Change Impact

Talbalaghi. A., M. Pessino, P. Agosta, T. Bo & A. Ignjatović-Ćupina: Overview of Possible Simuliidae Related Problems in the Alessandria District (Piedmont, Italy

Petrić, D., A. Ignjatović-Ćupina, J. Vujanović, M. Zgomba, A. Konjević & D. Marinković: Marking technique of Simulium ornatum Meigen, 1818 (complex) larvae

McCreadie, J. W., P. H. Adler, M. E. Grillet & N. Hamada: Sampling and statistics in understanding distribution of black flies larvae (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Ignjatović-Ćupina, A., M. Zgomba, Lj. Vujanović, A. Konjević, D. Marinković & D. Petrić: An outbreak of Simulium erythrocephalum (De Geer, 1776) in the region of Novi Sad (Serbia) in 2006

Bernotienë, R.: On the distribution of blackfly larvae in small lowland rivers in Lithuania

Vojvodić, S., M. D. Nelder & J. W. McCreadie: Influence of fixation of the blackfly Simulium vittatum on morphological characters of the trichomycete Smittium culisetae

Werner D. & A. C. Pont: New results on Diptera predators in the blackfly plague areas of Central Europe and the Caucasus

Petrić, D., M. Zgomba, A. Ignjatović-Ćupina, A. Konjević, D. Marinković & I. Marković: Impact of biolarviciding on Simulium ornatum Meigen 1818 (complex) populations and related biting risk

Wegner, E.: Mass occurrences of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and control actions against them in Poland